Library Budget

Dear Voter,

Thank you for your continued support. In the past year the library has had over 236,000 visitors, hosted 834 programs for 15,675 participants, and circulated 156,025 items. We have added a teen technology center and replaced some of the aging furniture. With your help the library will continue to grow in a positive direction.

The Field Library is requesting your support for a $100,000 increase in the 2019 operating budget of the library. While the library has requested modest increases in the past to offset revenue loss from the Town of Cortlandt reimbursement contract for 2019 and to meet minimum wage increases, the library has not increased the budget to the extent necessary to keep up with operating costs. This increase will allow the library to operate with existing staffing levels without cuts to public hours, and increase the programming and materials budgets to provide quality services and averages out to $4.24 per Peekskill household for the year.

The Field Library

Board of Trustees

November 2018

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