4 Nelson Ave., Peekskill, NY 10566 (914) 737-1212



Circulation and Borrowing Policies

Type of Material Loan Period Fines
Express Books 14 days $.25/Day ($5 Max.)
Express Books 7 days $.25/Day ($5 Max.)
All other books & Audiobooks 21 days $.10/Day ($5 Max.)
Music Cassettes, CD's 21 days $.10/Day ($5 Max.)
CD-ROM's 14 days $.10/Day ($5 Max.)
Videos/DVD's 7 days $2/Day per video/DVD ($10. Max.)
Books (Junior Room) 21 days $.10/Day ($5 Max.)
Cassettes, CD's, Toys, Kits & Talking Books 21 days $.10/Day ($5 Max.)
CD-ROM's 14 days $.10/Day ($5 Max.)
Videos/DVD's (Junior Room) 7 days $2/Day per video/DVD ($10. Max.)


No renewals on Express Books or items on reserve. One renewal on all other materials. We accept telephone renewals at the library as time permits, call 737-1212. You can also renew using the automated telephone TeleCirc system 674-4169, or online at www.westchesterlibraries.org.

The Field Library Policies

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Freedom to Read.doc34.5 KB
Freedom to View Statement.doc22 KB
Free Access to Libraries for Minors.doc25 KB
Code of Conduct.doc40 KB
Unattended Children.doc21 KB
Internet Acceptable Use.doc34 KB
Confidentiality of Records.doc38.5 KB
Photography of Patrons.doc24 KB
Materials Selection.doc24 KB
Weeding and Discarding.doc24 KB
Gifts.doc25 KB
Records Retention.doc22.5 KB
Equal Employment Opportunity.doc20 KB
Indemnification.doc22.5 KB
Sexual Harrassment.doc29 KB
Drug & Alcohol-free Workplace.doc24 KB
Trustee & Employee Code of Ethics.doc34.5 KB
Whistle-Blower Protection.doc24.5 KB