Circulation and Borrowing Policies

Type of Material Loan Period Fines
Express Books 14 days $.25/Day ($5 Max.)
All other books & Audiobooks 21 days $.10/Day ($5 Max.)
Music Cassettes, CD's 21 days $.10/Day ($5 Max.)
Videos/DVD's 7 days $2/Day per video/DVD ($10. Max.)
Books (Junior Room) 21 days $.10/Day ($5 Max.)
Cassettes, CD's, Toys, Kits & Talking Books 21 days $.10/Day ($5 Max.)
CD-ROM's 14 days $.10/Day ($5 Max.)
Videos/DVD's (Junior Room) 7 days $2/Day per video/DVD ($10. Max.)

Rev. 8/17


No renewals on Express Books or items on reserve. One renewal on all other materials. We accept telephone renewals at the library as time permits, call 737-1212. You can also renew using the automated telephone TeleCirc system 674-4169, or online at www.westchesterlibraries.org.

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