3D Printer

3D Printing @ The Field Library

What kind of 3D Printer does The Field Library have?
  • Makerbot Replicator 2
What's a 3D Printer?
  • A printer that creates an actual three dimensional model from a computer file. You can either create the file by using a program on a computer, or download a file from a website. The model is made when the printer, following the file's directions, lays down layer upon layer of plastic (filament) to form the desired shape.

How to print a project

  • Library staff will print out your designs & notify you when your jobs are ready to pick up!
  • Library Drop-off - Bring your file(s) to The Field Library Reference Desk.
  • Email - Email your file(s) to peekskill3d@gmail.com with printing details (color, contact info, etc.). The library will email you back with a price quote & ask you to confirm before
Filament Type
  • The printer prints using PLA (Polylactic Acid) filament: a bio-plastic made from cornstarch and sugar cane. 
Type & Size of Files
  • File types: .stl .obj .thing
  • Size: 25 MB or smaller
  • Max Dimensions: 11.2 L x 6.0 W x 6.1 H inch
Printing Costs
  • $0.15 per gram
  • Price previews are available before printing.
Printing Colors
  • Contact The Field Library at 914-737-0010 for today's available colors. 
What can I print?
  • Your imagination is the limit but please no violating copyright or patent law. (Note: The library is not liable for these infractions)
  • Free modeling tools are available online including Tinkercad.com, Sketchup.com, & Autodesk123D.com.
  • Library staff may help you get started using 3D modelling program or searching for a model online.

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