House Archaeology for Beginners

Saturday, November 16, 2019 - 1:00pm to 3:00pm

House Archaeology For Beginners

Did you ever wonder how old your house really is? How to tell a Queen Anne from a Vernacular Farmhouse? How to date stone walls? Who lived there? How to estimate the age of wood? What you can fix and what you should leave alone? What's that weird thing you found in your cellar is? 

The fabric and layers of a house, combined with tenant and owner research, can paint a vivid picture of the history of your home. Learn how to date age-old building materials, get to know your previous residents, and how to conserve a historic house in this hands-on lecture/workshop. Participants are encouraged to bring photos of their houses, mysteries, and questions!

In Library Gallery

About the Presenter:

Phill Greenland is a musician by trade, and history and archeology nut by avocation. He studied piano, conducting, and theatre at Edison College and Westminster Choir College; and studied European History at New Hampshire University, his specialty being historic buildings. In the 1990s, Phill played a few Broadway shows you’ve never heard of, and accompanied a few Broadway stars you have heard of. He travels to London a few times a year to snoop around Tudor castles and stares at rocks. Phill, his husband Jonathan, and two dogs recently bought and began restoring a c.1840 house in downtown Peekskill. They are very tired.