Let's Talk About Microagressions

Thursday, January 24, 2019 - 6:30pm

“So where are you really from?” "You are SO articulate!" “Can I touch your hair?” These are typical forms of microaggressions expressed in everyday life. This talk will focus on the topic of microaggressions which are subtle forms of discrimination (racism, sexism, etc.) that can be communicated verbally, behaviorally and environmentally. Participants will discuss the manifestation of microaggressions as well as their impact. Methods of microaggression prevention and intervention will also be presented. 

This talk will be facilitated by Peekskill resident and psychologist, Dr. Gina Torino. Her newly co-edited book, “Microaggression Theory: Influence and Implications,” (Torino, et al., 2019) presents cutting-edge reviews of microaggression research, explores controversies surrounding the theory, discusses its relationship to the sociopolitical dynamics of our society, and offers solutions in combating microaggressions at the individual, institutional, and societal levels. Books will be available for purchase. For more information including a list of selected publications, blogs, and interviews, please visit: http://www.ginatorino.com/.

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