Movie Mondays: THE WISE KIDS

Monday, June 25, 2018 - 6:30pm to 8:00pm

New York Times Critic’s Pick!

A Story of Faith, Sexuality, Love and Friendship!

In this highly acclaimed drama, gay teen Tim and his two best friends Laura and Brea spend their last summer before college grappling with their feelings about the fundamentalist Baptist beliefs of their families, and prepping for the Passion Play at their church. Preacher’s daughter Brea is having a crisis of faith while Laura quotes Leviticus to Tim.

Tim draws strength from the support of his Dad as he copes with the twists and turns of late adolescence — including a complex relationship with the church drama teacher who struggles with his own sexuality (a tremendous performance by filmmaker Stephen Cone).

The Wise Kids is one of those rare films that both transcend and embody the label “gay film.”  The story resonates intensely with gay viewers while simultaneously offering a universal story of immediate emotional impact to all audiences. Written, directed and acted with perfect poise and confidence (including a stand-out turn by Tyler Ross, Nate & Margaret, Milkshake) as Tim, this complex and beautiful film is an unforgettable gem — an authentic and insightful portrayal of youth, faith and coming of age.

1hr 35min.