The Poetic is Political

Saturday, December 15, 2018 - 12:30pm to 4:00pm

The Poetic is Political: An Afternoon with Six NY Area Metro Poets 

12:30- 4 PM -- In the Nutrition Room 
Admission is FREE. There will be a brief open mic after the last poet; first come first serve. SIgn up at the door. 

Poets include: 

Kahlil Koromantee (Peekskill, NY) 
Other than writing books for and about hard to reach youth, Kahlil Koromantee uses prose and poetry as a form of healing for the marginalized and incarcerated. He is affiliated with numerous educational and life coaching agencies, including, a therapeutic intervention initiative that uses writing to help incarcerated and newly discharged inmates express their personal struggles. He currently serves as Program Director for Nubian Directions, an alternative school in Poughkeepsie for troubled youth.

Loretta Oleck (Croton-on-Hudson, NY): 
 Loretta is the 2016 Pushcart Poetry Prize nominee, and the author of two poetry collections, Songs from the Black Hole (FinishingLine Press), and Persephone Dreaming of Cherries (Hurricane Press). Her poetry and photography have been published in numerous reviews and journals worldwide. More recently, her poems about her impressions while working at a refugee camp have been published in the Laurel Review, Dove Tales (Writing for Peace), We Refugees (an Anthology – Pact Press), Burning House Press, and Cultural Weekly, among others. Her poetry was filmed for the Public Poetry Series, included in Best of 2013 Anthology (Storm Cycle), and performed at dozens of venues. She was interviewed in The Fem: A Feminist Literary Magazine, and received an MA in Creative Writing from New York University. She is also a psychotherapist in private practice.

Fury Young (Lower East Side, NYC)
Fury Young is a multi-disciplinary artist from Manhattan's Lower East Side. Growing up without a TV, Fury developed an early obsession for movie-going and set his sights on becoming a film director by age seven. In 2011, after directing several shorts and working as a set carpenter in New York, Young moved to Los Angeles CA. Though the move was a means to expand his horizons as a filmmaker, Fury saw his life and career take a sudden shift, as he became involved in Occupy Wall Street's LA chapter. During this time out west, Young became heavily involved in activism, studying history, learning guitar, and writing poetry. In 2016, Young's debut book of poetry, Meat & Milk was published through Lit Riot Press. In addition to his solo work, Young is the producer and founder of the Die Jim Crow project; a concept album about the Black American experience in the era of mass incarceration. Venues in which Young has performed or shown work include: Anthology Film Archives, UnionDocs, Sheen Center, and The New School.
instagram: @oldfuryyoung

Poet Gold (Poughkeepsie, NY)
A rare talent, original, grabs you by the heart and says “Recognize” Poet, author, performer, songwriter, community “Artivist” and speaker, Bettina “Poet Gold” Wilkerson is pushing theboundaries of poetry and the spoken word. A prolific writer and performer whose presence alone quietly stirs a room; she delivers a riveting performance of original prose that motivates
and enlightens the soul.
Appointed the 2017 and 2018 NYS Dutchess County Poet Laureate, Poet Gold is the recipient ofnumerous awards. With countless recitations, she has opened for Grammy-nominated artists and has spoken at renowned organizations such as Omega Institute and Self Employment in the arts. Poet Gold’s speaking engagements and non-traditional poetry workshops engage audiences in understanding the direct connection between literacy, goal setting, and the achievement of their dreams. Poet Gold is an activist of the heart. Her words inspire to explore the essence of humanity.

Basie Allen (NYC) 
Basie Allen is a poet and visual artist from New York City. He is currently in the MFA program at Columbia University and teaches poetry workshops on Rikers Island. 

Cole Rivers (Peekskill, NY) 
Cole Rivers is an innovative spoken word performance artist, and a community human rights activist. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, he infuses his life experiences into his performance art, using poetry to inspire dialogue seeking to eradicate issues such as racism, transphobia, and discrimination based on his belief that if one person's heart and mind can change, the environment will also change. 
Cole is also a co-founder of PAUhaus (Peekskill Arts Unlimited), an organization, focused on spotlighting and celebrating youthful artists from diverse cultural backgrounds in and around the Hudson Valley.
You can connect with Cole on Instagram @actuallyitscole or via email: