Your Art Is Your Business, Your Business Is Your Art

Saturday, November 9, 2019 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Your Art Is Your Business, Your Business Is Your Art

As an Artist, you are a small business by design. And because you are an artist, you are gifted with the ability to use your artistry to create prosperity. Yet many artists, close their minds to thinking of themselves as proprietors.

In this seminar, we will reject the stereotype of the starving artist. We will explore the many avenues for generating income and creating prosperity. All artistic disciplines can benefit from participation.

  • Avenues and options for generating income as an artist
  • The Law of Attraction, and how it affects artists
  • The Balancing Act: Your Art; Your Plan; Your Brand

Present by Ms. Toni Quest, MAED, BFA

Toni Quest refers to herself as an entrepreneurial artist and a Law of Attraction Life Coach. She specializes in coaching artists about the business of their art. In her recently published memoir, Actualized, a Life in Progress, Quest candidly tells the stories within the story of her life. Quest holds a MAED in Adult Education and a BFA in Communication Arts.

In the Library Gallery